Refund & Policy

Refund Policy

Effective Date: [1st June 2022]

National Marketing Projects, Inc. ("NMPI," "we," or "us") strives to provide exceptional digital marketing services to our clients. We value your satisfaction and aim to address any concerns or issues you may encounter. This Refund Policy outlines the guidelines and procedures regarding refunds for our services. By engaging with our services, you agree to comply with this policy.

Eligibility for Refund

1.1 NMPI offers refunds under specific circumstances, as described below.

  1. 1.2 Refunds are solely applicable to the fees paid for our digital marketing services and do not include any third-party expenses or costs incurred by the client.

Services Exempt from Refund

2.1 Any completed or partially completed services are exempt from refunds.

  1. 2.2 If we have begun working on a project or provided any deliverables, a refund request will not be considered.

Circumstances for Refund Consideration

3.1 NMPI may consider refund requests in the following situations:

a) If we are unable to initiate or commence the agreed-upon services within 30 days from the date of payment.

b) If there is a significant delay in the delivery of services beyond the agreed-upon timeline and the client chooses to cancel the project as a result.

  1. c) In cases where NMPI fails to provide services in accordance with the agreed-upon scope of work, and efforts to resolve the issue have proven unsuccessful.

Refund Request Procedure

4.1 To request a refund, you must notify NMPI in writing via email at within 30 days of the incident or the discovery of the issue that makes you eligible for a refund.

4.2 The refund request should include the following details:

a) Client name and contact information.

b) Description of the issue and reason for the refund request.

c) Supporting documentation, if applicable.

4.3 NMPI will review the refund request within 10 business days of receiving it.

  1. 4.4 If the refund request is approved, NMPI will issue the refund within 30 days of the approval.

Refund Disbursement

5.1 Refunds will be issued using the same payment method used for the initial transaction.

5.2 NMPI reserves the right to issue refunds via alternative payment methods if circumstances warrant such action.

  1. 5.3 Any fees associated with the refund transaction, including bank charges or processing fees, will be deducted from the refund amount.

Modification or Termination of Refund Policy

6.1 NMPI reserves the right to modify, amend, or terminate this refund policy at any time, with or without prior notice.

  1. 6.2 The updated Refund Policy will be effective immediately upon its publication on our website.

Please note that this refund policy is subject to the terms and conditions outlined in our Terms of Service. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our refund policy, please contact us at [].

Thank you for choosing National Marketing Projects, Inc. We are committed to delivering exceptional digital marketing services to help you achieve your business goals.