Privacy Policy

NMPI privacy policy defines the way in which we use and secure any information while using our website. It sets the standards upon which we will act at the time of processing your personal data that we gather from organizations for the purpose of internet branding.

The team at NMPI is dedicated towards the protection of your confidential data, which includes personal details, business growth plans, and technical strategies to increase revenue. Your privacy will be kept intact. In case we request you to provide any of the private information then, you can be assured that it is in safe hands and will be used only for intended purpose.

NMPI has the right to update its privacy policy time-to-time. We request you to visit this page after a particular time interval and get to know about the recent changes being done.

Details our Team Gather

Our digital marketing agency in India might ask you for following information :

Apart from the one mentioned above, the team may ask for some other data that might be used in online branding of your business.

Gathered Data Security

Let it be us or you - Everyones’ data is crucial. We pledge to secure your information with the best security practices. We have established compatible electronic, physical, and managerial standards that help in safeguarding the details, which we collect online. This contributes in reducing the changes of cybercrimes and threats that might be caused due to unintended reasons.

Once in a month, we train our employees with the best computer or internet techniques to secure ourselves as well as others data on local machines. Access to computer devices from outside has been restricted and users cannot connect with untrusted WiFi to access NMPI clients’ data. We prohibit employees from not opening suspected emails about which they are unaware.

Interlink to External Websites

Our digital marketing website might include links to external websites as per the requirements. But, once you visit these counterparty links and leave our websites, you should be aware of the fact that we are not responsible for your actions on those external websites. NMPI does not take charge of any operations being performed by you on the third-party websites being linked to ours.

Note - Privacy policy of external websites and our website are different. We are not responsible in case you share your personal details to an external site that was interlinked on our official site.

Be Aware and Active During Data Sharing

We at NMPI, Delhi would not sell, lease, or distribute your personal data with third parties unless we do not have your official confirmation.

In case it seems to you that the data being held by us is wrong or incomplete, immediately contact us and get your details updated. We will actively correct the incorrect information without any delays.