What is Organic Search and How Does It Affect Your Business?

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Organic search results are the links that appear behind the adverts on Google’s search results pages.

They provide businesses beneficial options because they can aid audiences in learning about your goods and services without having to invest in paid advertising.

Although the term “organic search” is fairly simple to define, it can be more difficult to put organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices into practice and reap the benefits of qualified website traffic and leads.

Continue reading to learn more about organic search, typical organic search results, and advice on how to optimize the content on your own website to move up the search engine results pages (organically, of course).

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What Is Organic Search?

The term “organic search” refers to outcomes that a search engine appears to be relevant to the search word for. Organic search results are unpaid search results, in contrast to ad boxes above or to the right of them.

organic search

In other words, it is not possible to pay Google to have your organic search results appear on page. Based solely on merit, the search engine’s algorithm determined that they deserved a spot.

The criteria that search engine algorithms reward fluctuate over time, making it difficult to determine what factors are most important.

Generally speaking, these algorithms favor websites that provide the data that they believe is most pertinent to a user’s search query.

Even while those algorithms might occasionally seem mysterious, there are tried-and-true methods you can use to increase the traffic to your own website; we’ll talk about those in a moment.

Let’s first establish how investing the effort to take advantage of organic search traffic will help your organization.

What Impact Does organic Search Have On Your Business?

Because organic search traffic is free, businesses are particularly interested in capturing referrals from these queries.

Don’t get us wrong; pay-per-click has a lot of value. But what if you could generate a high-quality piece of content for free and see it rank on page one of the search results? That makes me feel fairly good.

Not just because it’s free, organic search traffic is helpful. Its worth also stems from the fact that it has a greater conversion rate than many other types of marketing traffic.

B2C organic search traffic actually converted more than any other marketing traffic, according to a report on the average conversion rate in 2021.

The fuel that feeds your sales funnel is website conversion, such as form submissions or chat interactions. Simply put, increased organic traffic results in increased conversions, which in turn increase sales.

Types of Organic Search Results

Today, “organic search” is truly available in a variety of formats; it is no longer limited to the traditional blue, underlined links that appear beneath the search field.

A successful organic search in SEO services should seek to produce not just one type of organic search results, but a variety of them. Landing in those places increases the visibility of your brand to potential buyers because they are there to be useful to users.

Following are examples of organic search results:

1. Featured snippets

On Google, featured snippets occupy the top real space. They provide a piece of content that seems to address the query a user is asking and show up in a box at the top of the search engine result page. This content might consist of:

  • YouTube videos
  • Tables in a piece of article
  • Snippets from a particular article or page

As long as their browser is suitable, when a user clicks on the link to the content, Google will send them straight to that section of the website.

By anticipating inquiries your potential clients could have about your goods, services, or sector, you can make the most of featured snippets. Then, produce high-quality content that addresses those queries and wisely employs SEO organic keywords. Although Google will ultimately decide what appears in the highly sought-after highlighted snippet box, these efforts will undoubtedly sway them in the correct direction.

2. Video Carousels

Some information is simply more effectively conveyed through videos. As if watching videos weren’t already commonplace, younger people are increasingly embracing video-based platforms like TikTok and YouTube as their main search engine, and Google is taking notice. Because of this, video search results are anticipated to become more and more prominent in organic search results in the years to come.

If your company controls a YouTube channel, you should obviously optimize your posted videos to fully capitalize on prospects for website traffic that may result from organic searches in YouTube video marketing because YouTube films, particularly YouTube Shorts, frequently rank well on Google.

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3. Image Carousels

Image carousels, like video carousels, just show pictures that seem pertinent to a search. Make sure to add alt and title tags to each picture on your website so that it may display in these image carousel places.

4. Top Stories

Top stories is a section that appears immediately below the search bar and lists recently published articles about a topic, mostly from news sources.

Top stories usually originate from: News outlets, publications and media sources.

5. People Also Ask

Don’t undervalue Google’s “people also ask” section’s influence or potential. This part not only helps visitors get the precise solution they need, but it’s also a priceless resource for learning about SEO.

When you enter a question into the Google search bar, the “people also ask” box will display questions that users have also entered that are relevant to your query. Similar to a highlighted snippet, the rankings function by pulling your snippets or pages into the results if Google deems them worthwhile and pertinent.

Final Words

Organic search is a pillar of exposure and success in the changing world of online business. You may create the conditions for more brand awareness, more traffic, and eventually, better business success by comprehending its function and refining your methods. Accept organic search as a crucial tool for your online endeavors.

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