Top 5 Enterprise SEO Challenges and Solutions

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Large businesses have some tricky enterprise SEO challenges. This article will talk about five big enterprise SEO challenges that businesses might face when doing SEO on a large scale.

Whether you’re someone who knows a lot about marketing or someone just starting with SEO, this guide will give you helpful tips and the best ways to make your enterprise SEO even better. So, let’s jump in and discover the enterprise SEO challenges with solutions.

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Top Enterprise SEO Challenges With Solutions

Enterprise SEO needs a smart strategy that goes beyond the basics.

Here are some of the main challenges and things to think about when it comes to doing SEO for big companies:

1. Dealing with the Scale and Complexity of Enterprise SEO


Handling search engine optimization (SEO) for really big websites with thousands of pages is pretty hard. Each piece of content on these sites can be made better for SEO, but if not done right, it can also cause problems. Things like links that don’t work, info that’s old, or mistakes in how the website info is set up can make SEO not work as well.


To deal with these problems, big companies can use special technical SEO tools. They can also split their websites into different sections and have specific teams or people take care of each part. Doing regular checks on the SEO, called audits, can help find issues like having the same content in different places or pages that take a long time to load. When they find these problems, they can fix them right away.

2. Balancing Global and Local SEO


Big companies often have to deal with reaching lots of different people in various places, like different regions, countries, or even continents. Each of these groups has its own way of searching for things online, likes certain languages, and has its own cultural differences. Figuring out how to make a plan for SEO that works for everyone can be tricky. Plus, search engines, especially Google, really like content that fits a specific area or country, making it even more complex for big companies to plan their SEO strategy.


To handle these issues, big companies can use something called “hreflang tags.” These tags help guide users to the correct language version of a webpage, making sure they see the right content. Companies need to come up with a plan for content that fits the culture, events, traditions, and how people in different areas like to buy things. This might mean creating content that’s specific to a certain region or tweaking global content to match what people like in different places.

3. Managing Multiple Stakeholders


When you move or redesign a website, it can get pretty tricky, especially for keeping all the SEO stuff in good shape. If you change how the web addresses look, the design, or the content, it might mess up how easily people can find the site and how many visitors it gets. Things like links that don’t work, missing information about the website, and not setting up the right way for people to get to the new site can all cause problems.


When you’re moving or changing how a website looks, it’s really important to do a thorough check before you make it live. This means looking at everything related to SEO and making sure it all works well. You also want to test the changes in a sort of practice area before letting everyone see them. And it’s super important for the teams working on it to talk a lot so everyone knows what’s happening. By doing this, you can catch and fix any problems before the new site goes live. That way, the important SEO stuff stays good, and the changes won’t mess up how the site shows up on search engines.

4. Seamless SEO Integration


Every way of promoting things online has its own goals and things to measure, like clicks or how well you show up in searches. For example, SEO is mainly about getting more people to visit your site from search results, while PPC cares a lot about how many people click on ads and how much it costs to get them to do something. Social media is often about getting people to like and share things. But if you only look at each way of promoting things by itself, it can cause problems like doing the same things in different places, saying different things, and missing chances to work together for better promotion.


To overcome these challenges, companies must cross-train their teams to provide a basic understanding of other digital marketing strategies. They should also incorporate integrated digital marketing dashboards to offer a comprehensive view of the digital landscape, allowing decision-makers to identify opportunities for collaboration and make informed strategic decisions. Moreover, regular strategy alignment meetings will ensure consistent campaign execution and address overlapping areas.

5. Optimizing Speed and Performance


Big companies with lots of things online need to find the right mix between making things look good and making them work well. Having cool designs and things that people can interact with can make the website fun to use, but it might also slow down how fast the website works. Finding the perfect balance between making things look good and making sure they work fast becomes a big challenge for these companies.


To make sure websites work fast and well, enterprises can use special tools to check how the website is doing regularly. They can also make pictures and videos smaller so they don’t slow things down, and they only load pictures when you scroll to them. Plus, they can get rid of heavy scripts and plugins that might be slowing things down and check if they really need them. Doing these things can help the website work faster and better for people using it.


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